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Need Help! Where to go for meal with 30 people?

Guest Claire-n-tel

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Guest Claire-n-tel

Morning Guys!


Just want to pick someones brain!.....I've been volunteered to organise somewhere for a meal out for a big group of our friends and i'm a bit stuck!


OK here is the list of requirements! (its a long list!):eek:


This side of the city (ie we are in glenelg so not nth, east or cbd)


Probably a pub/hotel/RSL or the like, some people don't like indian/thai etc


would be able to sit 30 people together


Not too noisey we want to be able to chat


it is on a saturday evening


not too expensive


phew!......bloody awkward lot! Oh and a couple have requested a salad bar but i might just have to ignore that one!:wacko:


the front runner is the warradale hotel at the moment but i'm not convinced, we've been a couple of times and it always feels very cramped and like maybe they are rushing you to finish and get out.


I think the best big group meals we have been to have been in RSL type places but they were both in Vic and we haven't found one here?


So come on oh knowledgeable ones Help Me!



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Guest Claire-n-tel

Hmmm...thanks Guys! but i never really like either of those places much, don't really rate thier food much, find it a bit "half warm canteen":huh:


Its driving me crazy! i'm leaning towards saying bugger it at doing it at home!

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Try the Lakes Resort Hotel at West Lakes. Lovely setting overlooking the lake, and the food is always good, reasonably priced. There's a wide variety of meals, roast, stir fry etc (and a salad bar!). Have been there with a group of about 20 and they accommodated us no problem. They have extra sections they can open up when busy, plus the bar area is nice.

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