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friends needed in South Australia

Guest snowball

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Guest snowball

Hello fellow forumites

I will be applying for south Australian state sponsorship for 190 visa.

I think, I need some real friends from South Australia as it is asked in the application . so in this respect, I am looking at this forum to get genuine friends to keep me informed on the real situations in South Australia.

I think having some friends in SA will help me in a long way to get myself well stabilised when I make the move in the near future

Pm me if you want a genuine friend you can help to realise his dream of migrating to oz.


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Guest dingding66

What age group do you come under ???


many say they are true friends and then they vanish...just send us a PM as we are looking for genuine friends too :notworthy:

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Guest Claire-n-tel

Hello All!


I know that developing new friends is an important step and can often make or break as to people florishing here or going back to the uk.........




You cannot force it, to try to do so is surely setting yourself up for failure. You don't start off with genuine friends, that will come with time. Ideally get out and meet as many people doing as many things as possible. There are often meet ups arranged on here, we recently had a picnic/bbq with around 20 people new and old.


There are countless things to go off and have a go at where you will meet people. Going back to the uk doesn't mean someone isn't a friend, and yes some people you meet and have a great evening with for example but then don't arrange to meet again....


Remember, very few people you meet are forever most are just for now and that is ok, a couple we are really good friends with we actually met through someone that we hardly ever see anymore.......

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Guest Britgirl8

hi Claire n tel, yes there is some sound advice in your post. For us personally we only achieved residency last year so this has had a huge impact on making friends when you dont know if you are staying or going for so long. We are starting to settle but has knocked our confidence somewhat. Its also hard when one side of a couple is more interested in meeting people and going out than the other its hard to do it on your own (well im one of those people).

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