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Jamie Oliver Adelaide


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We used to go to the Jamie's Italian in Bristol or Bath from time to time. Bath one used to have queues down the street. Bristol one was easy to get a table if you went early enough, usually after work and hit it about 6pm.


Food was good. I remember one time my steak was rather stringy and they cooked me another one and gave me free dessert.


I'd not bother going with kids though. Or go for Sunday lunch not an evening meal. Well, at least not younger ones. Kids menu is great if your 5 year old likes fancy prepped finger food, lots of herbs/seasonings and dressings and thinks salad is delicious.

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Guest deepbluesea

Back in the UK I took me and my Husband to a Jamie Oliver restaurant and the food was so bad and the service will never venture there again was very disappointing to be honest :((

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Is this the ministry of food place that was going to be in noarlunga? That's not a restaurant though, is it? Is this a different place?


No, the one in Noarlunga is one of Jamie's 'pop-up kitchens' and is apparently due to open in July. It will only be there for a year, I think.


Jamie's other place, the Italian restaurant, in the city, is supposed to be opening in December but Hosts (?) are already taking on-line applications to work there.



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I have only been to the one in Greenwich London, plenty of kids there and well catered for I thought. Proper food for kids, but if you have a very fussy child maybe not. Ours would have loved it as kids, as they were used to a wide range of food and were adventurous.


Apart when hen the youngest took against all veg apart from peas and carrots for about 6 months, then realised he was missing out and getting bored as I never served him anything else!


amazing what the thought that your brother was getting something you weren't can do.

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Not sure about Jamie Oliver - he seems to be taking over the world. He comes from a village not far from where I used to live, in fact we used to go to his parents pub/restaurant long before Jamie was famous (the food was really good). It's in a pretty village full of thatched cottages and expensive houses so I always felt Jamie's 'geezer' act was all a bit fake - he acts like he's from the East End of London but he isn't.

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