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hi guys legi had applied my 887 visa on 4/4/2017 and 9/3/2018 i got refusal as on work basis I worked as salesman in regional side but i got paid through abn and i gave my yearly tax return and gst docs and letter head for company but I forget to mention on letter head for company that I worked minimum 35 hours every week and also I mentioned that I worked in regional but didnot mention specific area which leads to refusal but gave my bank statements and all now they sent me refusal and asked me to have right to review through some legal agency.can you guys help me what shoud i do or re-aplly again or what.

thank you in adavnce

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When your visa is expired ? In case you lost on appeal, It is better you will try to get another job which bring you at least 35 hours a week ( it doesn't matter full time or casual as long as you can work at least 35 hours a week pay tax and getting superannuation ). But I don't know if the job that pay you below the award wages ( no penalties rates on the weekend and public holiday, no double rate for overtime ) is still recognized by Immigration

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    • By 887 raj
      Hi there,
      Once i have gone through this site and the link which shows if someone have applied for 887 visa and date of grant and more info.
      It show the date of applied and granted and if CO have requested any doc
      Can someone help to find that link or by site how to asses that.
      I wanted to put on date of lodgement for march 2018 for 887 visa
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      Hi Guys,
      I have just applied for 887 visa recently. Has anyone got idea about, how long does it take for CO to be allocated and approval for the visas.
      I have submitted all the documents except photographs as it was exceeding my limit of 60 documents. Does that created a major issue for it?
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      I have lodged my 887 visa application in early November 2017. It still shows as RECEIVED in immi account.
      Does anybody get update in 2018 ? Please give your time frames.
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      Hi Everyone
      Im on my visa 489(granted 4 January 2016) and my wife got 489 subsequent entrant in October Last year. On January 4, 2018 im eligible to apply for 887 as im completing my 2 year residency in designated area with 1 year full time work in designated area. 
      i want to apply for visa For visa 887 and want to attach my wife's name as secondary applicant. she will be here with me at the time of our application. Is it possible if i could request for our decision while she is overseas. (she is a doctor and has got a great opportunity at UAE).
      How long does it take for 887 applications?

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