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Taking A Holiday In Transit

Guest Marshall

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Guest Marshall

We flied Etihad Airways (based south of Dubai in a place called Abu Dhabi) business class from London Heathrow through Abu Dhabi then onto Sydney. Etihad were FANTASTIC would recommend them to ANYONE even if flying Economy. So were all exited and we arrive in Abu Dhabi. Looks great, go for a sleep in the Hilton Corniche Hotel then go to a mall. This is the only thing to do here. We found it soooo dreadfully boring that we went on expedia.com and changed our flights to the next day for FREE! Now the problem with transit holidays when emigrating is that you 'just wanna get there'. So if you feel the urge to then by all means stay for a few nights but i recommend only one or even just stay at the airport and then go 2hours after.


Hope this helps, and when you sit in your hotel room in Singapore or where ever bored stiff you would have wished you would of listened to the 12 year old who is writing this


Marshall :)

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Yes, im at Woodcroft College in Morfett Vale (i hope the teach me how to spell) :) i really like it here and everyones really nice



Top stuff, we need more bright lads like you welcome

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Guest Alipally


We came through Dubai last year, and you are soooo right, boring borrrriiiiinnnnng!:SLEEP:


So when we made the move we decided to fly via Los Angeles and New Zealand.... much more interesting and loads more stuff to do besides shopping!! The flights were more expensive and longer, but, I think worth it if you want to have some interesting times en route.... you could also have a stop over in Hawaii, which is also cool!


Great to see some different people on here!



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