Any experience of 187 visa - does it help being sponsered by a company?

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    In the process of applying for a 187 visa - State Sponsored Permanent Residency. I am in the fortunate position of being sponsored by a large company and was wondering whether anyone else has gone through this process before, not found much on here about 187 visa's.


    I have been told about 6 months for the visa to be approved, this is the same as the website says but do you think having a company supporting your application helps/shortens the time? The company in question has a firm of lawyers doing the application for them if that will make any difference?


    thanks for any replies in advance



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    Ok, well first off, it is an employer sponsored visa, not a state sponsored visa. You can't get it without an employer sponsoring you, and they need to jump through lots of hoops.

    My employer sponsored me for this type of visa, it took MONTHS to get the application ready with the rcb application, advertising the job etc.

    The actual visa took five months dead on, with a migration agent and a decision ready application (only agents can do this, it is suppose to make the application faster.

    There are many people at the moment who have been waiting for more than a year. It all depends on your job, experience, the company, agent, weather, mood of the co....

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