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    Help please

    There's always that interim period between getting the licence and what are you supposed to do? Catch 22. They want local references for work but you are not supposed to be working. Most arrivals work whilst completing the licence. Yes, there are rules and regs but the reality is that they are there to protect the customer from shonky operators, not newbies who are going through the system to get registered. Trade work is plentiful at the moment. Carpenters, painters, builders. It can change but don't listen to the negativity. In this field of work there are jobs.
  2. clarkes

    Saturday band at The Cove Tavern

    Does the Cove have bands playing there every week?
  3. clarkes

    Sending them home!

    Ha ha ha Mainly sheep related offences. Just how serious an offence does it have to be?
  4. clarkes

    Short Term Rental

    You are kidding, right? Two hundred bucks for an unfurnished would be a miracle unless you wanted real dodgy. Have you done your sums and do you know just how expensive it is to live here?
  5. clarkes

    Tourism news.

    Our main tourism season is about to go into overdrive. Despite the numbers I am still amazed that we don't have packed beaches and public spaces. Lucky that we moved to this state I guess.
  6. clarkes

    Menatl Health Nurse jobs

    Hello Pete and Nancy, You could try registering for the government jobs and get a notification when your category has a vacancy. There is a mental health unit at Noarlunga. Maybe someone on this site has knowledge of when vacancies will be coming up? Adaire Clinic is the base for community mental health services in the City of Onkaparinga. It provides services to registered clients through three teams, an Early Intervention Team, a Recovery and Rehabilitation Service and a Collaborative Care Team Morier Ward is the mental health inpatient unit of Noarlunga Hospital Self help and educational group for adults experiencing depression and anxiety at GP Plus (creche available, must book) Early psychosis program for people recovering from first episode psychosis Trevor Parry Community Recovery Centre, Grey Box Ave, Noarlunga Centre (behind Bunnings), 8384 9969. For clients who require intensive support to improve daily living skills and self management of illness. Support is offered through a voluntary live-in rehabilitation program for up to 6 months. NEMHS - Noarlunga Emergency Mental Health Service contact for after hours and weekend support Intermediate Care Centre, Jackson Place, Noarlunga Centre, 8164 9855 - for clients who require a step up, step down facility. Support is offered through a short stay facility for up to 2 weeks
  7. clarkes


    Does Asian fusion count? I like the Star of Siam in Gouger St.
  8. clarkes

    Wanted: Families for "nanny trial"

    This sounds like such a good scheme for all those people struggling to balance work and children. How many workers on here will consider applying for it? The benefites look really good.
  9. clarkes

    Just to share a good news

    That's good news. You stuck at it and hopefully it will all be worth it. Thank you for sharing. it's good to hear that it's not just bad news stories on the job front.
  10. clarkes

    Just a heads up - Fuel (again)

    The price has stuck at $1.19. I expected it to go down over the weekend but it didn't. How do you forecast the future price?
  11. clarkes

    Is anyone considering leaving SA?

    We totally love it here and have settled. What's with the avo debate? London must be an exciting place if all you have to think about is how much fruit and veg used to cost when you lived here. It's a fact that many people don't settle and end up moving back. Always has been and always will be. If it's not for you that's fine but getting locked in to running down the place because of your experiences is just crazy. Australia is expensive. That's the way it is. If you are looking for cheap living then go and live Bali. As a total package Adelaide is great. It's not for everyone but then again where is? It's so sad to read posts from people who can't move on. Put it behind you and get on with living in your new world and not the online forum world. If you can't move on then go and seek therapy and learn to put your past behind you. It's just so sad.
  12. clarkes

    TV Programme looking for families

    That's fine as they say that they are looking for fun personalities and not brain boxes!
  13. clarkes

    Retail Jobs in the next 6 months: Seaford and Noarlunga

    Do you know how many stores bunnings will be opening in Adelaide this year? This is good news for the economy although I hear that Masters is losing millions. Thats not good news because competition is good.
  14. clarkes

    Our Journey so far

    OMG this is such a good read. You sound like you are so focussed. Wishing you all the best.
  15. clarkes

    Carpenter arriving Saturday 21st March

    Great news. Whereabouts are you? There has been plenty of news about the difficulty around finding work but you seem to have manged ok in a short time?

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