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    Thread: A thread for people who have got their visa!

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      Hi Stephen,

      We are in a similar position although slightly longer timescales. We are also renting our flat and not selling it but that is because we want to keep it as an investment. We have a lot of work to do on it still & debts to pay off. Now we can either really go for it and go in aorund a years time with just enough money & look for jobs quickly or we can live here for a couple of years and get more money behind us as we'd like to start a business when we get over there. A bit like you our heads are in a spin and we keep changing our minds, particularly after a bad day at work its, oh sod it lets get there as quickly as possible! And then the sensible head kicks in, we should make the most of our situation now (as both in good jobs) and save more money! arrghhh But realistically i think we will just have to play it by ear & let fate take its course. Im sure we'll come back from Oz wanting to go quickly but like you say it really depends how quickly we can find work/how much we can earn etc because if we are going to be worse off initially then really we should stay here a bit longer.

      Sorry for the waffle, probbaly not really helped but wanted you to know we are in a similar boat!

      Cara ps I am also a just go for it person but like you, somthing is holding me back. Is it my sensible head or is it because im scared?? Or a bit of both?? lol You think getting the visa is the end, but its just the beginning........
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      Hi All,

      Well we made it, been here just over 10 weeks now, will post an update soon...... just too nice to be sat in doors on a laptop!!

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      Good to hear you are having a good time, we will look forward to your update.

      Cara xx

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      Quote Originally Posted by steffij View Post
      Hi Nic,
      Just curious after reading your post, are you staying with Tamara in Port Noarlunga?? We fly out on 7th November, land on the 9th and are staying in Tamara's SeaView house in Port Noarlunga until 10th January.

      Hi stef,
      Sorry to butt in but we have just left Tamara seaview house, it's great! Lovely view, really comfy, everything you need to start and loved the area so much we now have a long term rental five mins away! Enjoy your stay
      Gill x
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      Gill, nurse, and Mal, ROV pilot tech.

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      Quote Originally Posted by malkitek View Post
      Hi stef,
      Sorry to butt in but we have just left Tamara seaview house, it's great! Lovely view, really comfy, everything you need to start and loved the area so much we now have a long term rental five mins away! Enjoy your stay
      Gill x
      Hi Gill

      Thank you so much for butting in!! It's lovely to hear from someone who has actually stayed there. We were showing our two boys the house again last night and we are all soooo excited, we can't wait to get on that plane and get there! It looks a lovely area, did you find it easy enough to find a long term rental?


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      Hi stef,
      We got first one we applied for but had seen some horrors before that! We were able to put Tamara down as current landlord, and have lovely friend in Brisbane who acted as a reference, and they did call her. Lady in lj hooker said she put a tick on our application cos we seemed a nice couple and she said she can just tell (?!!). We had blethered away to her saying how hard without rental reference as we had been home owners in u.k. It's been quite slow down here lately apparently? We only gave ourselves three weeks but managed! Good luck
      Gill x
      Gill, nurse, and Mal, ROV pilot tech.

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      Knew to this too. Have been looking at it for ages but can never really manage to ask questions, dont know where they go??????? Please advise me too.

      Online visa 176 lodged aug 2010
      Medicals 5.4.2011
      Police checks 19.4.2011
      Visa granted 11.8.2011
      House on the market 29.8.2011
      Area wish to go Glenelg, Somerton Park, North Brighton (my sister & family live there)
      Hoping to go End Nov/Dec 2011 !!!!!!!

      Thanks, I might not contribute much but love reading all the fab info

      Scottish Mitchells
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      Flights booked turns purple!


      Tizzer - Moving to Hallet Cove or Happy Valley Area to settle

      MeJulie - Julie & Co - Seaford and surrounding

      Hughescl - Claire - Port Noarlunga/Seaford based on research at the moment


      Karyn1 - Seaford/Port Noarlunga

      Titanboy: Stuart, Janice & Olivia - Blackwood


      Burke Clan - Riana, Ed, Hannah(9) & Lily(5) - Staying with family for a couple of weeks until we've found a rental somewhere between Glenelg & Noarlunga

      Markysharky - lou & mark - staying near the airport for 4 weeks

      Nodrog72 - Gordon, Tanya, Jade & Reece (The Benn Family) - Staying in short term rental for 1 month

      Malkitek - Gill & Mal - somewhere from port noarlunga south.

      Meldrew9799, Moviemummy, M8bee and Andrew - Seaford Rise? Looking into this.

      Leemina - Christies Beach (initially, rental sorted)

      Cyprus2001 - Port Noarlunga first 3 months

      Ian&Beth - Longer term rental: Flagstaff hill, Happy valley area.

      Faye & Antony - Short term rental: booked for 6 weeks in Woodcroft (Auseelife rentals)
      Longer term rental: Haven't 100% decided but hopefully around Happy Valley, Woodcroft, Morphett Vale (but also like the look of Port Noarlunga/Seaford area).

      Apart8 - Allison 41, physio Asst, Alex 41, welder, and Connor 15,reluctant - renting a house in Moana from Acacia rentals

      Clarky - John(46)Electrician, Trish(45)Accountant, Jack(20) & Liam (18) - Renting Tykes place at Seaford Rise and hoping to find something permanent in Glenelg/Somerton Park

      Simon&Sarah - Going to Seaview Downs - rental arranged by friends already there
      though Port Noarlunga seems the in place, might have to rethink!

      Trago - Tracey (39), steve (37), robson (15), harriet (10), joshua (7) - holiday appartments booked for 2 weeks at west beach so will be all go to try and find a rental when we arrive


      flights booked out on Sept 4th from Manchester.
      Area Port Noarlunga.

      We fly out on 5th Sept from Heathrow
      Area : Port Noarlunga/Aldinga
      Flights booked

      Jonny w - johnny (spark), sharon (chef/ housewife) evelyn 7, davie 5
      We fly out on the6th sept arrive 8th
      Have short term for 3 weeks in hackham

      Siobhan,Gerry,Katie (11yrs),Aimee (7yrs),Aidan (5yrs),Joseph (4)
      From Ireland
      Moving to Brighton,got long term rental!!!
      Flying into Adelaide 08Sep.

      chickeni - Sarah, Kev, Chloe & Harry
      Visa granted - 17th May 2011
      Flights Booked - 13th September 2011
      Areas - Not sure ... Seaford, Port Noarlunga, Aldinga, Hallet Cove will explore when we arrive!

      Flights booked 13th Sept with Singapore Airlines from Heathrow
      Area: Still researching ans creating a shortlist
      House sold stc

      Deano1970 - Dean 40 (Joiner) Anne-Marie 38 Haydn 14 Jamie 23months
      Flights booked 22nd Sept from Birmingham
      Staying with friends in Blackwood until we find a rental

      Cara & Gav
      Validation flights booked 22nd September from Gatwick
      Hopefully moving to Port Naorlunga but that might change after the visit!

      Baggienurse - Lisa , Gareth (pye green baggie) Adam & Ethan
      Moving - ASAP when house sold but after September 2011
      Flights Booked - not yet
      Areas - Never been likely to be Port Noarlunga, Aldinga, Sellicks, Christies Beach, Hallet Cove areas.

      Thebacons - Selina Chris Amy & Chloe
      House has just gone on the market and as soon as it goes we will be off.
      Hopefully about September ish


      vaskoka - Vasko, Biljana, Anastasija, Nikola
      Flights not booked jet, planing October or November
      Area: Enfield, Clearview


      Nathan (30)Bricklayer, Nicola (29) Accounts Senior, Olivia (5) Princess, Bella (3) Emotional Princess
      Flights booked 18th November - manchester via singapore, reservation for house with Tamara

      Stef (40) Office Manager, Steve (42) Heavy Diesel Mechanic, Tom (12) Rockstar!! Dan (10) Future Trucker!!!
      We are now in rented accomodation for a couple of months until we fly out to Adelaide on 7th November with singapore airlines
      We have got a furnished rental in Port Noarlunga until early January

      Colm, Susie, Caoife (2 1/2 yr), & Kiara (1/2 yr)
      Got visa July 2011
      Flying Dublin-Adelaide on 16th Nov 2011
      Not sure which area yet???

      Owenker4 - Neil & Kerry
      Flights not booked yet, but hoping to go November 2011
      Waiting to sell our house
      Moving to Gawler Hewett initially and staying with family

      Stephen, Rachel and Amy
      Planning on move : October / feburary
      Area: Not sure yet still doing research
      Still have to sell houses etc.

      Sharons Dream
      Planning on move : November/ feburary
      Area: port noarlunga/ Henley beach
      Still have our house on the market.

      Heys4oz - Deb
      Flights booked: Hoping to move out end of the year, boooking flights when house sold.
      Still researching areas

      Rusty5000:Rob (Electrician) Nicki (Pilates Instructor), Jacob (4) Evelyn (1)
      Moving over: Nov/Dec 2011
      Area: Not 100% sure but thinking Moana, Seaford areas
      Flights booked: Not yet, need to sell/rent house

      Scottish Mitchells
      House on the market 29.8.2011
      Area wish to go Glenelg, Somerton Park, North Brighton (my sister & family live there)
      Hoping to go End Nov/Dec 2011 !!!!!!!


      Opportunities:Tian,Karen,Kirsten,Kristel & Christian
      Area: Happy Valley, Reynella East or Woodcroft
      Flights booked: Thursday 8th December, arrive in Adelaide Saturday 10th

      January 2012

      Mervyn and Lindie
      Flights booked: 12/01/2012
      Going somewhere south...

      Edenfieldpoms - April and co
      looking at doing a reccie in summer hols,
      moving to OZ JANUARY 2013
      flights not booked yet
      area - port noarlunga

      Pixie7 - Helen (teacher) Chris (IT)
      decided to head out to Adelaide January probably
      will be booking flight in september and were looking for accomodation now...

      February 2012

      Waitingame - Lindsey (35), Spencer (38), Declan (6) & Dylan (2)
      area: Hallett Cove....surrounding areas
      Flights booked: 9th Feb from Manchester

      The Standalofts from sunny Scotland
      Jimmy (45) -welder; Lesley (38) -Housing Manager; Lori (4) - cheeky monkey!

      booked a four week short term rental with Acacia rentals in Moana
      Once we arrive we are going to be looking at Hallet Cove or surrounding area

      we arrive 21st feb flights booked
      family of four looking around hallet cove but will see when we get there as to where we want to live

      Steph & Lee
      planning to move Feb/May
      Hallet Cove/Reynella
      Flights not booked yet
      House going on market (again) in next couple of weeks


      Leeannekays - Rob 30, Leeanne 31, A Lovely little Prince age 5 and a lovely Princess aged 3
      We have just booked our accommodation in Moana from April so looking to fly 25th April 2012

      No date yet

      visa granted may 2011
      house on market this week!!!

      Fatman - Graham,Janis & Sophie Price
      Waiting to sell house asap, then booking flights!!!
      Areas so far : Flagstaff Hill, Hallett Cove, Port Noarlunga, so far....

      Racheal Reeve
      House up for sale, know luck yet!
      flights not booked yet. going over know later than feb 2012.
      area we like the look of port lincoln/Hallett Cave.

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      Visa granted 30/7
      Flights booked 18th October
      Not sure of the areas to live?!
      Going it alone ! Any other people emigrating alone?
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      Hi all, new to poms in Adelaide, but our timeline is as follows,,,

      visa 176 lodged 4th Feb 2010
      Case Officer 10th Feb 2011
      Police checks 18th feb 2011
      Medicals 3rd march 2011
      Visa granted 22nd August 2011
      House sold 26th August 2011
      Flights booked 24th August 2011
      Area wish to go Golden grove, Ridgehaven, (family live there)

      We are flying with Singapore airlines from Heathrow on 10th January 2012.
      Can't believe we actually have our visa's and have booked our flights and sold our house all in a matter of a week.
      Living with in laws now until we leave, have numerous removal companies coming to give us quotes over the next 3 weeks, my god its been a crazy month, but so exciting!!!
      Woohoo Adelaide here we come.....
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